A feasibility study is to study the needs of new entrepreneurs or investors, as well as find urgently needed before the development of any existing project to study and evaluate the possibility of success of the project and its application in the allotted time before wasting a lot of time and effort and money on the project, where it should be each project feasibility study to answer investor or entrepreneur's question: "Do the feasibility of implementing the idea is under consideration or search for a better idea!? This is an important feasibility study because they help to answer this question through the factors and indicators contained.

The feasibility study of the project expected him to return and external influences that can affect this project and describes the needs of the idea put forward, they are assessment tool is not just reports to convince investors to move to invest in a specific project, they are neutral progress Facts, and Figures from reality and shows the advantages and disadvantages of the project at hand and remember all the possibilities and scenarios.

Also, it provides entrepreneurs and investors as well as adequate opportunity to investigate the results Soak ant. These results are negative or positive, as well as give us pointers barriers expected to occur in the project and thinking about the idea was raised that the process or not.

Types and essential elements of the feasibility studies:

  1. Description of the project: a description of the service or product that is based on this project and how it will be delivered.

  2. A detailed study of the market: containing a description of the industry, the current market, potential markets, competitors, potential sales, and other potential customers

  3. Technical study: includes details on how to deliver the product (the place - raw materials - labor - transportation - necessary technological use - stages of production - and others.

  4. Financial study: includes foundational costs, capital costs, operating costs, and also the financial costs of the study and the calculation of the monthly gross profit and others.